Tree of Life

Have you ever stopped to admire a tree? I can’t imagine who hasn’t. They are mystical with energy and warmth that feeds our existence.  The meaning of the term ‘Tree of Life’ alludes to the interconnection of all life on our planet and serves as a metaphor for common descent in the evolutionary sense.

Many  people in their lifetime  will view a phenomenal tree and call it  a ‘Sacred Tree’ or ‘Tree of Knowledge’. Trees give fruit and life for other organisms. We sit under them with a sense of calm as if being cradled by our mother or  a loved one. We become one with them. The tree grounds us, revives us. This is why the saying ‘tree-hugger’ exists. If you are feeling down, bummed-out about someone or many, then hug a tree and you will feel better as you will feel its energy. Breathe deep into your lungs down into your stomach to help you connect. Breathe in deep, exhale slow and long while feeling the release and the healing you desire.

Nature heals us in many ways. Anyone who gets uptight over ‘tree-hugging’ hippisims per se is in my opinion is not connected in a heart-to-heart humanly way.  Being here on earth is not about humans and their development. It is about ALL living parts of earth with or without a breathing pounding heart. We need trees and we need bees to survive. Another is water, water is living in its natural state and we are primarily water! There is so much life on earth that trees contribute to.

The point here is to stop and appreciate our trees. Plant at least one tree a year and care for it. They can give fruit, some are homes for mushrooms, and the sweetness of maple syrup.  Their giving to life is abundant. And there is always the day we just want the shade of a glorious tree! This is why we ‘Hug a Tree’.

~by Kimber Mahon